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Wilderness Land Clearing and Mulching Services

Our process of clearing is extremely desirable and safe. Benefits are: promote wildlife, root structure is not damaged, install food plots and promote growth for habitat, manage underbrush, improve property values, quick response to land clearing, no burning, enlarge usable land, decrease fire dangers and enhance scenic views. The process and machines we use are far more efficient and environmentally friendly than the traditional methods.
We consider ours machines "brush hogs on steroids". The cut material is mulched creating or making it possible for vehicles to travel over cleared areas of land. A definite advantage over bringing in a dozer or any other brush hog machines. It does not leave big holes for water or mud to collect and creates less erosion problems. This creates a easily undeveloped property to productive and manageable land. When finished the land can be transformed into a building site, a wonderful view, food plot or leave to promote new growth for the wildlife. We provide quick response to small projects up to large areas of clean up.
Brush removal land clearing machine
We will utilize the larger trees to promote the heath of them or completely clear cut out for a building site or farm field to begin. We utilize anything from small home owner projects to miles of utility lines. Here at Wilderness Land Clearing and Mulching we provide efficient and cost effective land clearing. No reason to Hire 2 or 3 different companies to come in to create a project for you when we can utilize that and the keep the cost efficient. We also own a complete tree Service and Landscaping Company that can provide all services to you. Any thing from trimming all keeper trees next to homes or create a yard for the beauty.
We install the trails, food plots for the habitat for the environmental hunting community, clearing out for new farm fields for the farming community, or creating a building site for a new construction. We currently provide this service in the state of MN and the boundaries of MN. Call today to see if we travel to your area.
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